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A thoron was an isotope of radon.

Thoron fields can be employed in conjunction with duranium shadows to deceive sensors into registering fully functional weapons systems. (DS9: "Emissary", "The Way of the Warrior")

Thorons had some medical applications. (VOY: "Basics, Part II") When Captain Kathryn Janeway was injured by the crash of the Sacajawea in 2373, The Doctor tried a thoron pulse in attempting to repel a non-corporeal lifeform that had inhabited her cerebral cortex. (VOY: "Coda")

In 2373, Lon Suder used a portable thoron generator from sickbay to fool the Starfleet tricorders being used by the Kazon. He said that it was an old Maquis trick. (VOY: "Basics, Part II")

Some directed energy weapons are based on thorons, though they can be unstable. Most of Entharan arms dealer Kovin's handheld disruptors were thoron-based; he claimed he was able to compensate for the instability by polarizing the emitter matrix. (VOY: "Retrospect")

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