A thunderstorm (also called an electrical storm) is a type of storm which discharges electricity to a planet's surface. This storm typically includes rain. (VOY: "Cathexis")

It takes its name from thunder, the noise generated by the lightning in the storm.

Kathryn Janeway remarked to Chakotay in 2377 that there was no spatial anomaly scarier than a thunderstorm on the plains. When she was six, she saw a lightning bolt split an oak on her grandfather's yard, which she had climbed just hours before. (VOY: "Shattered")

When she was twelve, Janeway once walked home over seven kilometers in a thunderstorm because she had lost a tennis match. (VOY: "Deadlock")

After Felisa Howard's death, the Caldos colony had a thunderstorm due to a malfunction with its weather control system. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")

The Sky Spirits were capable of generating massive electrical storms on command, which they used to discourage unwanted visitors from their planet. (VOY: "Tattoo")

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