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Timothy "Spike" McCormack (born 17 August 1948; age 73) is an actor who appeared as regular background actor in the role of Ensign Bennett throughout the first four years on Star Trek: The Next Generation. McCormack was also the main stand-in for Data actor Brent Spiner and worked as stand-in for a number of recurring and guest actors throughout the first six seasons. In addition, he portrayed a dead body in the fifth season episode "Ethics".

Celebrating 100 TNG episodes in 1991

McCormack earned his MFA in Directing from Florida State University in 1977.

In 1979, he appeared as Blaine in the drama Gal Young Un. Between 1985 and 1987, McCormack worked as stand-in and frequent background actor on the television series The Colbys. He appeared as reporter, Colby Enterprises staffer, chauffeur Eric, and tourist in twenty-two of the fourty-nine episodes and worked with Stephanie Beacham, Tracy Scoggins, Ricardo Montalban, Joseph Campanella, Sam Hennings, John Staible, John Blower, Suzanne Lodge, Buzz Barbee, Ilona Wilson, Peter White, Peter Paul Eastman, John Hugh McKnight, Frieda Rentie, Gayle Frank, Roger Trantham, Neal Kaz, Jessie Biscardi, Ray Wise, Gene Poe, Bob Davis, Devron Conrad, Tony Rocco, Evelyn Guerrero, Stefan Gierasch, Joel Marston, Georgann Johnson, Bill Zuckert, Judson Scott, George Sasaki, Ray Petersen, Dave Armstrong, John Burnside, Faith Burton, Robert Hitchcock, Nana Visitor, Bud Davis, and Melodee M. Spevack.

Other television roles include a business party guest in the Dynasty episode "The Divorce" (1986, with Joan Collins, Robert Symonds, and Joey Banks), a workman in the Dynasty episode "Reward" (1986, with Joan Collins, Robert Pine, Clayton Landey, Gene Poe, and Kimberly L. Ryusaki), a hotel guest in the Dynasty episode "The Secret" (1986, with Joan Collins), an auctioneer in the Miami Vice episode "The Lost Madonna" (1989, directed by Chip Chalmers), and a security guard in the Super Force episode "U-Gene: Part 1" (1990, with Ken Olandt).

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