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Tim Ransom (born 19 April 1963; age 58) is the actor who played the genetically-engineered Human Jack in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sixth and seventh season episodes "Statistical Probabilities" and "Chrysalis". He had previously auditioned for the role of Doctor Julian Bashir on the series.

Ransom had a supporting role in the 1990 film Vital Signs. Star Trek: Enterprise guest star Jack Gwaltney also had a supporting role in this film. He also appeared in a telefilm called Fever the following year, also featuring Gregg Henry. Another 1991 made-for-TV movie he appeared in, Son of the Morning Star, featured Dean Stockwell and Terry O'Quinn.

His other feature film credits include Desperately Seeking Susan (1985, with Robert Joy, Timothy Carhart, John Hoyt, and Isabel Lorca), Outbreak (1995), and Courage Under Fire (1996). He also made several appearances on the TV series Nash Bridges, playing the role of Frankie Dwyer.

Ransom's scenes as Dana Scully's boyfriend, Ethan Minette, were deleted from the pilot episode of The X-Files. However, his scenes can be seen in the season one DVD.

In 2008, Ransom appeared as writer R.C. "Robbie" Maitland in the Valentine episode "The Book of Love" (along with Trek performers Autumn Reeser, Patrick Fabian, Greg Ellis, and David Burke) and in 2016 guest starred in Preacher, which later featured Mark Harelik and Ronald Guttman in recurring roles. 2017 found Ransom in the tennis-themed biopic Battle of the Sexes working alongside Mark Harelik, Wallace Langham, Matt Malloy and Sarah Silverman.

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