Timothy was a young Human male, alive during the late-24th century. He was the child of two crewmembers of the starship SS Vico. His father was the ship's second officer and his mother, the ship's systems engineer.

In 2368, Timothy lost his parents when the Vico was destroyed in a black cluster by gravitational wavefronts that had been amplified by the Vico's own shields. Because Timothy had accidentally touched a console in engineering at the time of impact, Timothy mistakenly believed that he had caused the ship's destruction. Timothy was the sole survivor when the USS Enterprise-D came looking for the Vico.

He later became friends with Lieutenant Commander Data, who had saved him, and tried to emulate the android. He blamed himself for the death of his parents and he believed that by becoming like Data, he would be able to rid himself of his emotion of guilt.

Timothy initially told Data that the Vico had been attacked by an unidentified species with "purple helmets on and phaser rifles," that appeared out of nowhere, fired at their ship and boarded it. When it became clear this had not been the case, Timothy told Data, as well as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Counselor Deanna Troi that he was to blame for the destruction of the Vico, because of his having touched the controls. Timothy was assured however, that this was not possible.

When the same gravitational wavefronts threatened the Enterprise, Timothy told Data what he had overheard aboard the Vico, which led to Data successfully deducing what had truly destroyed the Vico and preventing the Enterprise from suffering a similar fate.

With Data's help, Timothy was able to adjust to his new life. (TNG: "Hero Worship")

Timothy was played by Joshua Harris.
The script for "Hero Worship" states Timothy is ten years old, putting his year of birth sometime in 2358. [1]

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