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Timothy Dang (born 4 August 1958; age 60) is an actor who appeared as an unnamed Tactical officer in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint".

Dang graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor of fine arts in theater (1980) and is now the producing director of "East West players", a theater organization in Los Angeles, California. In this position he has been working as a stage director for such stage plays as "Imelda: A New Musical!" (2005) and "Sweeney Todd" (2006).

Among his resume are films such as Listen to me (1989, with Anthony Zerbe, Lilyan Chauvin, and Tricia Sheldon), and Deadly Target (1994, with Shakti, Chuck Borden, and stunts by Simone Boisseree). He made television appearances in series such as Night Court (1986, with John Larroquette and Jeanne Mori), and Brooklyn Bridge (1991, with Natalija Nogulich).

Dang is also a voice actor and lent his voice characters in films and series such as Extreme Ghostbusters (1997, with Thomas Dekker and Clyde Kusatsu), Batman Beyond (1999-2000, with Teri Garr, Christopher McDonald, and Paul Winfield), Jackie Chan Adventures (2002-2003, with Clancy Brown), and the video games Blade Runner (1997, with Mark Rolston, Stephen Root, and Vincent Schiavelli) and GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004, with Brian George).

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