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Yeoman third class Tina Lawton was a female Human Starfleet enlisted crewman who lived during the mid-23rd century. She served in the sciences division aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk, during the Enterprises historic five-year mission. She was born in 2249.

In 2266, Yeoman Janice Rand introduced Lawton to Charlie Evans, a seventeen year-old boy whom the Enterprise was transporting to Earth Colony 5. Uncomfortable with Charlie's awkward expressions of affection, Rand introduced him to Tina in an effort to encourage him to pursue a woman of his own age. Charlie rebuffed Tina, however, as he was still interested in a relationship with Rand. Trying to explain his infatuation to Rand, he claimed that all the other women on the ship looked like Tina to him – that is, undesirable because they were not Rand.

Later, out of frustration with the Enterprise crew, Charlie utilized incredible psychokinetic abilities granted to him by the Thasians to (among other acts) transform Tina into an iguana after she inquired what was the matter with him.

Along with all of the other crewmembers affected by Charlie, Tina was restored to her original form by the Thasians when their ship arrived to retrieve Charlie. (TOS: "Charlie X")


Background information

Yeoman Lawton was played by Patricia McNulty.

A version of this character, already called Tina, was established in the first draft script of "Charlie X".

In a memo from Associate Producer Robert Justman to Producer Gene Roddenberry about the first draft script (the memo was dated 7 June 1966), Justman commented, "I don't know that the Tina character is realized correctly. I would have to assume that she is older than Charlie, therefore I find it difficult to believe that she would be attracted to Charlie on their first meeting. Or for that matter at any time. Therefore, why should she be miffed when he refuses to go to the pitcher show with her?"

In the final draft script of "Charlie X" (dated 5 July 1966), Lawton was described as "young... cute... on her first adventure."

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