Tiron was a business associate of Quark's on Deep Space 9 and a member of a humanoid species whose faces were segmented, with the largest divisions between the forehead from the rest of the face; green coloration was present on the forehead of a generally pale face.

Tiron, himself, was well endowed with money, as he could afford his own holosuite as a gift to himself. In 2371, Tiron was attracted to Kira Nerys, but she drove off his advances by claiming that Odo was her lover. Still obsessed with her, Tiron paid Quark for a holosuite program that featured Kira. When Kira discovered Quark's scheme she made significant changes to the program, including placing Quark's head on her body, much to Tiron's displeasure. (DS9: "Meridian")

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Tiron was the first of eight Star Trek roles for Jeffrey Combs.

According to, he is a member of the Serilian species.

The mirror universe Tiron (β) appears in the Shards and Shadows short story "A Terrible Beauty".

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