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#REDIRECT [[Tiron]]
'''Tiron''' was a regular customer at [[Quark's]] on [[Deep Space 9]] and a member of an [[Tiron's species|unnamed species]]. He was attracted to [[Kira Nerys]], but she drove off his advances by claiming that [[Odo]] was her lover. Still obsessed with her, Tiron paid [[Quark]] for a [[holosuite]] [[holoprogram|program]] that featured Kira. When Kira discovered Quark's scheme she made significant changes to the program, including placing Quark's head on her body, much to Tiron's displeasure. ({{DS9|Meridian}})
[[Category:Unnamed species]]
: ''Tiron was the first of many ''[[Star Trek]]'' roles for [[Jeffrey Combs]].''

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