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Titan Books

Titan Books is a division of the UK publishing company Titan Entertainment Group, along with Titan Magazines and Titan Comics.

They publish a mix of reprints and brand-new titles for the UK market. Formed in 1981, the company has released a wide variety of titles, including an extensive line of Star Trek reprints, beginning in 1987 with Chain of Attack. They continued reprinting a number of novels and reference books published by Bantam Books and more recently by Pocket Books.

After Pocket Books was removed from the Star Trek franchise-mix in the mid-2000s by franchise management, Titan Books became the primary publisher for original Star Trek reference book titles.

Original Series novels[]

When reprinting the Original Series novels, Titan ran its own monthly numbering scheme, which did not correspond with that of Pocket Books. This was largely due to the fact that Titan began with Pocket's most recent bimonthly release at the time, Chain of Attack, slotting in older novels where possible. Following excellent UK sales of the first three imported US "giant" Pocket paperbacks, Titan repackaged several of the heftier regular Pocket numbered releases, and giving them "giant" novel status for the UK market.

The exception to this reprint release was the novelization of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock which, although forming part of the numbered series, had already been licensed for publication in the UK through Granada Books.

Following The Great Starship Race, Pocket Books began releasing the novels through Simon & Schuster UK.

Next Generation novels were released by Titan in the same order as Pocket, up until Here There Be Dragons.

Numbering comparison[]

# Novel Pocket #
1 Chain of Attack 32
2 Deep Domain 33
3 Dreams of the Raven 34
4 The Romulan Way 35
5 How Much for Just the Planet? 36
6 Bloodthirst 37
7 The IDIC Epidemic 38
8 Yesterday's Son 11
9 Time for Yesterday 39
10 The Final Reflection 16
11 Timetrap 40
12 The Vulcan Academy Murders 20
13 The Three-Minute Universe 41
14 Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1
15 Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 7
16 Memory Prime 42
17 The Entropy Effect 2
18 The Final Nexus 43
19 The Wounded Sky 13
20 Vulcan's Glory 44
21 My Enemy, My Ally 18
22 Double, Double 45
23 The Covenant of the Crown 4
24 Corona 15
25 The Abode of Life 6
26 Ishmael 23
27 Web of the Romulans 10
28 The Cry of the Onlies 46
29 Dreadnought! 29
30 The Kobayashi Maru 47
31 The Trellisane Confrontation 14
32 Rules of Engagement 48
33 The Klingon Gambit 3
34 The Pandora Principle 49
35 The Prometheus Design 5
36 Doctor's Orders 50
37 Black Fire 8
38 Killing Time 24
39 The Tears of the Singers 19
40 Enemy Unseen 51
41 Mindshadow 27
42 Home Is the Hunter 52
43 Demons 30
44 Ghost-Walker 53
45 Mutiny on the Enterprise 12
46 A Flag Full of Stars 54
47 Crisis on Centaurus 28
48 Renegade 55
49 Triangle 9
50 Legacy 56
51 Battlestations! 31
52 The Rift 57
53 Faces of Fire 58
54 The Disinherited 59
55 Ice Trap 60
56 Sanctuary 61
57 Death Count 62
58 Shell Game 63
59 The Starship Trap 64
60 Windows on a Lost World 65
61 From the Depths 66
62 The Great Starship Race 67
Giant #1 Uhura's Song 21
Giant #2 Dwellers in the Crucible 25
Giant #3 Shadow Lord 22
Giant #4 Pawns and Symbols 26


Reference books[]

In 1996, Titan Books published The Making of Star Trek: First Contact which collected articles about Star Trek: First Contact previously published in the Star Trek Magazine, as a first-time Titan original. In 2009, they followed up with their own release of Star Trek - The Art of the Film, a behind-the scenes companion to Star Trek. With these, Titan Books started a trend in that original English-language Star Trek reference books were published that had no US pedigree and/or counterparts, and as such took over to a large extent – alongside Hero Collector, another UK publisher incidentally – the role Pocket Books previously had for such works, having actually already been the officially licensed UK publisher for the original Pocket Books Star Trek releases in the late 1980s - early 2000s era.


Staff affiliated with Star Trek releases[]

  • Joanna Boylett – Editor [1]
  • William Robinson – Designer [2]

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