Vice Admiral Toddman was a male Human Starfleet flag officer assigned to Starfleet Security.

In 2371, he instructed Deep Space 9 commander Benjamin Sisko to put the USS Defiant on alert in case of a Jem'Hadar attack, following the launch of the Obsidian Order-Tal Shiar invasion of the Gamma Quadrant. He expressly denied Sisko permission to pursue the fleet to rescue Odo and Elim Garak, but Sisko ignored Toddman's orders and went anyway.

As a safeguard, Toddman ordered Michael Eddington to sabotage the Defiant's cloaking device, with the goal of making it impossible for the Defiant to follow the fleet into Dominion space. However, Defiant chief engineer Miles O'Brien managed to repair the cloak much quicker than expected, and the Defiant was ultimately successful in rescuing both people.

Following the incident, Toddman warned Sisko that if he pulled such a stunt again, he would either court martial him, or promote him. (DS9: "The Die is Cast")

Admiral Toddman was played by Leon Russom, who also played Bill, the Starfleet commander in chief in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Some game sources have given "Bill's" last name as Toddman as well, intending to give a relation between the two. He has the unique distinction of wearing an operations division gold admiral's uniform. To date, he and Commodore Oh are the only 24th century era flag officers to not wear command red as their division color. However, there is a 23rd century precedent to this practice, as all TOS flag officers wore command division gold except for two Commodores, Stone and Stocker. Interestingly enough, the background behind Admiral Toddman (with the setting sun on a dark sky) appears to be a partial homage to the set and matte paintings created for Starbase 11, for the office of the very same Commodore Stone in TOS: "Court Martial"
In a line cut from "The Die is Cast", Vice Admiral Toddman noted to Julian Bashir that he was "in trouble", because the Admiral had bet two cases of Saurian brandy that he was going to win the Carrington Award that year. Toddman told Bashir, "You lost, which means I lost. And I don't like to lose." This comment was originally made in reference to the events in "Prophet Motive".

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