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Tokyopop is a Japanese-based publisher and distributor of anime (Japanese animation) videos and manga (Japanese comics) books. They produce volumes of manga based on several Japanese and US licenses, including various Nickelodeon and Disney properties.

They hold one of two current licenses to produce Star Trek comics (the other was given to IDW Publishing). They currently publish Star Trek: The Manga, a multi-volume collection of TOS-based stories, the first of which was released in the United States in September 2006, with a second TOS volume out September 2007 (Wil Wheaton penned one of the stories for this volume. [1]) A third volume followed in July 2008 with a further Wheaton story and one by David Gerrold. All three of these are slated to be collected in an omnibus, Star Trek Ultimate Edition in March 2009.

Two collections of TNG-based stories have been announced for future release.


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