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Tom Archdeacon (born 6 April 1976; age 44) is an actor, stunt driver, and film maker from Ireland who appeared as a Risian bistro patron in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Two Days and Two Nights". He received no credit for this appearance but was identified by the call sheet. Archdeacon filmed his scenes as part of the "Risan Bistro Night Group" on Monday 25 March 2002 on Paramount Stage 9. According to the Internet Movie Database, Archdeacon played Ensign Spyke in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Archdeacon started his acting career with recurring roles in the daily soap operas All My Children (2004-2005) and Passions (2005) and with guest roles in episodes of Still Standing (2005) and Girls on the Bus (2006, with Jackson Bolt). In 2007, he played a leading role in Jason Priestley's television comedy Subs for which he also wrote the script and worked as executive producer. He then appeared in five episodes of the soap Days of Our Lives (2007) and had guest parts in CSI: NY (2007, with Robert Joy, Tom McComas, and Doc Duhame) and Mind of Mencia (2008).

In 2010, he wrote the story for the television comedy Dicks on which he also worked as executive producer, film editor, stunt coordinator, stuntman, and actor. Tommy Hinkley also worked on this film which earned Archdeacon an Award of Merit at the Accolade Competition in the category Television Pilot Competition in 2011. In 2011, he worked again as writer, producer, stunt coordinator and lead actor on the comedy Walk a Mile in My Pradas, along with Mike Starr. Archdeacon won an Award of Merit in the category Best Actor in a Leading Role and an Award of Excellence in the category Feature Film at the Accolade Competition in 2011 and a Festival Award nomination for Best Screenplay, and Festival Awards in the categories Best Trailer and Best Supporting Actor at the Hoboken International Film Festival in 2011. In addition, Archdeacon worked as writer, executive producer and actor on the television comedy Ask Alan (2010).

As actor, he was featured in the short drama A Cowboy's Blood: A Presentation of the 3rd Act (2011), the short thriller Together in Heaven (2011), Clint Eastwood's crime drama J. Edgar (2011, with Jack Donner, William Bebow, Zach Grenier, Stephen Root, Gary Werntz, David Clennon, and Manu Intiraymi), and the comedy Santorini Blue (2013).

Beside his work as an actor, producer, and writer, Archdeacon is a professional precision and stunt driver and took also part in several motorcycle racings such as the SCCA ITS Series and the Panoz GT Series. He drove cars and performed stunts in over twenty commercials for Pontiac, Cadillac, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus, Kia, Ford, and Jaguar. [1]

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