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Tom Miller (born 1 August 1961; age 61) is an actor who worked as background actor on several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. He received no credit for his appearances but is identified by the call sheets of the episodes. In addition, he worked as utility stand-in on the Voyager sixth season episode "Memorial". Miller also appeared as one of the Borg drones in the film for the attraction Borg Invasion 4D. Two costumes worn by him in Voyager were later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] [2]

Miller also appeared in episodes of The Young and the Restless (1991, with Stephen Gregory), Alias, 24 (2001, with Leslie Hope, Rudolf Martin, Glenn Morshower, and Penny Johnson), MadTV, Arrested Development, New Girl, The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, Weeds (2007, with Andy Milder, Rick Scarry, and Maulik Pancholy), The Bold and the Beautiful (2000 and 2007-2008), Criminal Minds (with Al Ahlf and J.T. Taylor), and Devious Maids (2013, with Rebecca Wisocky, Brett Cullen, and Melinda Page Hamilton).

For ten years, Miller worked as hand double for actor Kevin Costner on several feature films. In 20000, he worked as stand-in for Victor Garber and appeared as a party guest in the Frasier episode "Taking Liberties". The episode starred Kelsey Grammer and also featured Francis Guinan. Miller appeared in commercials for Afrin (1999), Budweiser (2000), and American Clients (2000).

Miller (right) in Star Patrol! in 2000.

Miller portrayed a bartender in the drama Bounce (2000, with Julianne Christie, Scott Alan Smith, and Ty Murphy), the Icarus navigator Argus in Jonathan Frakes' unsold television pilot Star Patrol! (2000, with Charles Rocket, Robin Morselli, Brian Demonbreun, Michael Bailous, Mel Johnson, Jr., Jason Alexander, and Kathi Cook), a dance class attendant in the comedy The Wedding Planner (2001, with Phil Chong and Bobby Pappas), an airport luggage inspector in the crime thriller Swordfish (2001, with Rudolf Martin, Zach Grenier, Chic Daniel, Dana Hee, Denney Pierce, Joey Box, Tim Storms, Scott Burkholder, Rusty McClennon, and Mark Riccardi), a paramedic in the comedy Legally Blonde (2001, with Victor Garber, Oz Perkins, Michael B. Silver, Shannon O'Hurley, Bruce Thomas, Ted Rooney, James Read, and Jenna Z. Wilson), and a golfer at the pool in the science fiction comedy Evolution (2001, with Gregory Itzin, Sarah Silverman, Michael McGrady, Jennifer Savidge, Miriam Flynn, Morgan Nagler, Steve Kehela, John Cho, Earl Maddox, Leslie McCasky, and Christie McNew).

Film work includes the short drama Dark Rooms (1988), the drama Irish Whiskey (1997), the war drama The Thin Red Line (1998, with Simon Billig, Michael McGrady, and John Savage), the Academy Award-winning drama American Beauty (1999, with Scott Bakula, John Cho, and Matthew Kimbrough), the sport drama Mystery, Alaska (1999, with Colm Meaney, Scott Grimes, and Michael McKean), the drama Auggie Rose (2000, with Casey Biggs, Jack Kehler, Erich Anderson, Richard Gilbert-Hill, and Joe Chrest), the crime comedy Lucky Numbers (2000, with Ken Jenkins and Stephanie Erb), the drama Leading with the Right (2000, with Hélène Udy and Julia Rose), the comedy Bad News Bears (2005, with Shannon O'Hurley), the comedy Thank You for Smoking (2005, with Jeff Witzke, Terry James, Aaron Lustig, Spencer Garrett, Earl Billings, and Bruce French), the short comedy On the Lot (2007), the comedy Finding Amanda (2008, with Ed Begley, Jr., Patrick Fischler, Daniel Roebuck, Vaughn Armstrong, Anthony Holiday, Bobby C. King, and Derric Nugent), the short drama Showman (2008), the music drama Jersey Boys (2014, with Steven R. Schirripa, Steve Rankin, Ivar Brogger, Annie O'Donnell, and Sean Whalen), the short comedy Bedside Manners (2014), a television commercial for Audi A6 Motorcade (2014, with Hiram A. Murray), and the drama Once Upon a Hollywood (2019, with Clifton Collins, Jr., Marco Rodriguez, Spencer Garrett, Monica Staggs, Corey Burton, Chic Daniel, and Cailan Robinson).

In 2005, Miller produced the short comedy Jacques Cousteau: Above the Ocean and in 2007 the short comedy The Suicide. On both projects he worked as director, writer, actor, music supervisor, cinematographer, editor, and producer.

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