Tomin was a Kadi ambassador who visited the USS Voyager as part of a cultural exchange in 2375. The Kadi were a very conservative race and very strict in their indulgences.

While on board Voyager, Tomin was guided by Neelix, whom he surprised by insisting that he wanted to try different foods and beverages in order to explore different cultures. Tomin indulged this desire so much that Neelix discovered him drunk the next day in Sandrine's. Later, at a reception in his honor, Tomin made a pass at Seven of Nine, who nearly broke his arm in response.

Neelix was able to sober Tomin up, and with a large hangover he was able to greet his superior, the Abbot, who asked him how he enjoyed Voyager. Tomin lied and stated that he had stayed within the guidelines of Kadi customs, only to be surprised when his leader told him he should have indulged himself, as long as he did not make a habit of it. (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me")

Tomin was played by Scott Thompson.
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