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Tommy Johnson (7 January 193516 October 2006; age 71) was a tuba player whose work can be heard on the soundtracks of most of the Star Trek films. He is most noted for bringing composer John Williams' famous Jaws theme to life for the film series of the same name.

Johnson played the tuba for the music scores of all three films of The Godfather trilogy, the Back to the Future trilogy, and the Indiana Jones trilogy, as well as the first three Karate Kid films, the first five Police Academy movies, the first two Die Hard films, both Under Siege films, the first two of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story films, two Batman films, and all four of the Lethal Weapon movies. Other films in which Johnson's playing can be heard include Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Matrix, The Lion King, True Lies, Twister, Independence Day, Men in Black, and Titanic, among many others. He also collaborated with Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith on such films as Executive Decision, Air Force One, and Mulan.

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