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Toni-Ann Walker is a hair stylist who worked on Star Trek Nemesis. She has been nominated for the Emmy Award twice - for her work on the television miniseries Path to War in 2002, shared with Joy Zapata, and for the television series Castle in 2010.

Walker has also worked on the horror film Poltergeist (1982, along with David Dittmar and Craig Reardon), the thriller Betrayed (1988, with Art Anthony), the thriller Everybody Wins (1990, with Edouard Henriques III and Yolanda Toussieng), the horror comedy Addams Family Values (1993, with Dean Gates, Kevin Haney, Steve LaPorte, Gerald Quist and Kim Santantonio), the action film Point of No Return (1993, with R. Christopher Biggs and Vivian McAteer, the romance Forget Paris (1995, with Nina Kent, Brad Wilder, and Joy Zapata), the science fiction movie Independence Day (1996, with Michael F. Blake, Hazel Catmull, Katalin Elek, Zoltan Elek, Norma Lee, Patricia Miller, Candace Neal, Craig Smith, and Joy Zapata), the comedy sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999 with David Abbott, Kevin Haney, Kenny Myers and Mike Smithson), the comedy The Out-of-Towners (1999, with make-up artists Janice Alexander, Kenny Myers, and Charlotte A. Parker), the romance Town & Country (2001, with Janice Alexander, Heather Koontz, Chris McBee, Carol A. O'Connell, Barbara Ronci, and Karen Westerfield), the comedy Eulogy (2004, with Charlotte A. Parker), and the fantasy comedy The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006, with Steven E. Anderson, Allan A. Apone, Belinda Bryant, Laura Connolly, Roxy D'Alonzo, Suzanne Diaz, Kevin Haney, Ruth Haney, Tina Hoffman, Garrett Immel, Dean Jones, Michael Key, Barry R. Koper, Brad Look, Veronica Lorenz, Chris McBee, John Maldonado, Michael Moore, Christopher Allen Nelson, Lygia Orta, Ron Pipes, Joe Podnar, Gerald Quist and Tom Woodruff, Jr.).

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