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Tony Plana (born 19 April 1954; age 65) is an actor who was originally from Cuba. He played Amaros in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes "The Maquis, Part I" and "The Maquis, Part II". He has been married to Ada Maris since 1988.

Plana has appeared in many other popular television series such as Seinfeld, The West Wing, 24 and Monk (with Jorge Cervera, Jr., and Marcelo Tubert), Beauty and the Beast (with Ron Perlman and Armin Shimerman), The Golden Girls (with Leland Orser and Zach Grenier), T.J. Hooker (with William Shatner and James Darren) and the Lethal Weapon television series.

His motion picture credits include An Officer and a Gentleman and ¡Three Amigos!. He has worked with Oliver Stone three times, appearing in Salvador, JFK, Nixon and Primal Fear.

Plana provided voices for the Kevin Costner documentary 500 Nations.

Plana recently played the father of the titular character in the popular series Ugly Betty. The series also starred Vanessa Williams and Alan Dale.

He is perhaps best known as the voice of protagonist Manny Calavera in the video game Grim Fandango.

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