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As Odo forges a fragile working relationship with the past-his-prime investigator the Federation sent to help, new suspects emerge amidst a rising body count. But just when the team thinks they're getting close to the culprit, a shocking discovery changes everything!

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Benjamin Sisko 
Starfleet captain, the CO of Deep Space 9.
Kira Nerys 
Bajoran Militia major, liaison and XO of DS9.
Deep Space 9's security chief.
Julian Bashir 
Doctor and DS9's chief medical officer.
Jadzia Dax 
DS9's Trill science officer.
Miles O'Brien 
DS9's chief of operations.
The Ferengi owner of the bar on DS9.
The station's Klingon strategic operations officer.
Elim Garak
Cardassian tailor

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