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Toq was the child of Klingon warriors captured by Romulans in 2346 at Khitomer. Raised at the secret Romulan prison camp on Carraya IV, Toq had little exposure to Klingon culture until Worf visited the prison camp in 2369.

Worf taught him an ancient Klingon martial arts exercise, and sparked his interest in their heritage, something their parents had kept from them. Worf taught Toq the Klingon legends and customs, took him on a hunting trip, and taught him that a warrior was inside of him. After returning from the trip, Toq entered the hall carrying an animal he killed in the hunt. He declared himself a warrior and led the Klingons in an old hunting song.

When Worf was ordered to be executed by Tokath, the Romulan leader of the camp, Toq appeared in warrior's armor and stood with Worf. Joined by others, Worf was spared and allowed to leave the camp. Inspired by Worf's teachings, Toq left the camp in order to join mainstream Klingon society. In doing so, he promised to keep the existence of the camp a secret. (TNG: "Birthright, Part II")

Worf gave Toq and the other Klingons who left Carraya IV a belief in Sto-vo-kor. When he saw the power of their faith in the Klingon afterlife, Worf began questioning the strength of his own faith and found it lacking. (TNG: "Rightful Heir")

Toq was played by Sterling Macer, Jr..
According to the script, his name was pronounced as "TAWK". [1]
The character appeared as second officer of the IKS Gorkon in the novel Diplomatic Implausibility, the first book of what would later become the non-canon series of novels about that ship by Keith R.A. DeCandido. As of the end of the IKS Gorkon novel Honor Bound, Toq was promoted to First Officer. By 2381, Toq was a captain, and commanded the IKS Kreltek, a K'vort-class Bird-of-Prey attached to the Fifth Battle Fleet. According to the novel A Burning House, Toq's father is named Pitzh and his mother is named Q'Idar.

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