Governor Torak was a Klingon representative, who in 2369 was in charge of a region of space near the Federation-Klingon border. One of the starships that reported to Torak was the IKS Qu'Vat.

In 2369, when two crewmen went missing on Relay Station 47, the USS Enterprise-D contacted Governor Torak for assistance. Torak was not fond of the idea of Chancellor Gowron visiting the area of space, and decided to embrace diplomacy with the Federation. Torak later located one of the missing officers, Aquiel Uhnari, and returned her to the Enterprise-D. He later also handed over Commander Morag, who was suspected to be a coalescent organism, for interrogation. (TNG: "Aquiel")

Torak was played by Wayne Grace.
Torak's ship, the Qu'Vat, was presumably named after Qu'Vat Colony, which was nearly destroyed by Admiral Krell, who was also played by Wayne Grace.
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