For the outpost commander, please see Toran (2371 Gul).

Gul Toran was a Cardassian officer who arrived at Deep Space 9 aboard a Cardassian warship in 2370 to oversee the return of Cardassian dissidents Natima Lang, Rekelen, and Hogue, after Elim Garak apprised the Cardassian Central Command that they were aboard the station.

Toran and Garak were already familiar with each other at the time of this incident, and viewed each other with hostility. Toran convinced the Central Command to have the dissidents killed, rather than exchanging Bajoran prisoners for them as Garak had suggested. Toran gave Garak the task of arranging an appropriate "accident" for Lang and the others to regain favor on Cardassia. When it became apparent Toran had no intention of keeping his word, Garak, foreseeing the eventuality of Toran´s deception, killed him with a hidden phaser – when Toran tried to kill these dissidents himself – vaporizing him. (DS9: "Profit and Loss")

Gul Toran was played by Edward Wiley.
Toran appeared in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch novel A Stitch in Time as Four Lubak, a schoolmate of Elim Garak.
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