Rejac in Torchbearer armor

The Torchbearer (Klingonese: Sech qengwI') was a Klingon ceremonial position whose role was to activate the Beacon of Kahless, thus summoning the twenty-four Great Houses in accordance with Klingon prophecy. By tradition, the Torchbearer had to be of noble birth. The Torchbearer wore special armor that could function in space.

In 2256, Rejac acted as T'Kuvma's Torchbearer during the latter's bid to reunite the Klingon Empire. After Rejac was accidentally killed by Michael Burnham, Voq volunteered to be the Torchbearer and proceeded to activate the Beacon. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

As he had been created from Voq, Ash Tyler inherited the title of Torchbearer in 2257. In this capacity, he acted as Chancellor L'Rell's second in command while she attempted to unify the Klingon Empire, noting that it was his role to dirty his hands where she could not. However, many other Klingons saw him only as a Human, and refused to acknowledge his position. (DIS: "Point of Light")

Background informationEdit

The Torchbearer suit was designed by Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. [1] It was built by Hetrick and Page's Alchemy Studios in Los Angeles. (Star Trek Magazine Discovery Collectors Edition, p. 54) Because of its intricacy, the suit was made using 3D printing by 3D Systems/Gentle Giant Studios. [2] 100 individual components were 3D printed from Page's intricate digital designs. (Star Trek Magazine Discovery Collectors Edition, p. 54)

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