Trellit, a member of the Torothans

The Torothans were, organized as the Torothan Clan, one of several clans of an unnamed race native to an unnamed planet. They were the ruling caste on the planet, where they lived in Torothan City, and were opposed by Zobral's clan of rebels.

According to Zobral, the Torothans led a ruthless regime that maintained power and controlled resources through brutal oppression, bombarding dissidents with mortar and aerial attacks. They claimed to have abolished the caste system that had once prevailed but in reality appeared to sponsor the divisionism and prejudice. This precipitated the formation of rebel groups, such as that of Zobral, who having exhausted legal attempts at reform, turned to revolt and were labeled as terrorists.

A member of the Torothan Clan was identified by facial markings consisting of two pairs of lines. The outer pair began at each end of the lips and curved down in an inward direction, towards the chin. The inner two lines began separate from each other, near the center of the bottom lip, and intersected about midway, becoming one line which intersected the two outer lines on the chin. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

Unused dialogue from the final draft script of "Desert Crossing" established that, according to Zobral, the Torothan military had begun to retaliate against his clan "several months" prior to February 2152 and were equipped with "superior weapons."

People Edit

In the final draft script of ENT: "Desert Crossing", a "security team" of "several City Security Officers" was described as appearing on screen (the only other Torothans scripted to appear, aside from Trellit). The officers attacked an abandoned fortress that Jonathan Archer and Charles "Trip" Tucker had been hiding in but, as Zobral was there alone at that point (having newly arrived), they battled him. They were eliminated when Zobral caused the fortress to explode, once he had left it.
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