The following is a list of holograms appearing in the holodeck program Torres 216.

Cardassians Edit

These two holographic Cardassians were programmed to appear as opponents for B'Elanna Torres in her program Torres 216 set in a cave scenario after she learned that her former Maquis family was massacred.

In 2375 Torres activated this program and fought against the two in a hand-to-hand combat to "feel" that she was still alive. She slammed the first one against a wall and defeated the second one by flipping him with a body throw. (VOY: "Extreme Risk")

Chuck Borden, Extreme Risk

Chuck Borden behind the scenes

The two stuntmen, Roxann Dawson, and her stunt double Leslie Hoffman filmed their scene on Friday 26 June 1998 on Paramount Stage 16 under stunt coordination of Dennis Madalone. Both stuntmen received no credit for their appearance and are listed as "Cardassian #1" and "Cardassian #2" on the call sheet.
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