"I am Tosk."
– Tosk, 2369 ("Captive Pursuit")

Tosk was a Tosk who lived during the 24th century.

In 2369, Tosk became the first visitor to the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole. He was convinced to dock at Starbase Deep Space 9 for repairs. Tosk's ship was a one-person vessel, with standard systems, which enabled Chief O'Brien to repair his ship easily. O'Brien later helped the Tosk evade the Hunters, to retain his honor, rather than be captured alive. (DS9: "Captive Pursuit")

Memorable quotes

"I am Tosk."
"That's your name, or your species?"
"I am Tosk."

- Tosk and O'Brien

"How about you... are you an explorer, or scientist?"
"I am Tosk."

- O'Brien and Tosk

"I am Tosk."
"I'm sure you are."

- Tosk and Odo

"I am sorry. I have no vices for you to exploit."

- Tosk speaking to Quark

"I have no use for fantasy adventure. I live the greatest adventure one could ever desire."

- Tosk speaking to Quark


Background information

Filming Tosk

The Tosk seen in "Captive Pursuit" was played by Scott MacDonald, with stunt work performed by Tom Morga.

The character was the only Tosk ever to appear in a canon production. Regarding MacDonald's portrayal of Tosk, O'Brien actor Colm Meaney remarked, "He gave a great performance." (The Official Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Magazine issue 5, pp. 8-9)

MacDonald commented:

There was so much to overcome to get the character across. Those contact lenses were murder. I don't wear them in real life so it was rough to get used to. I had makeup on my hands so they hired an eye tech to handle them. Plus they were cats-eye, straight up and down, so occasionally they would just roll and ruin a take. But try getting a stranger's finger in your eye right before you do a take - it's an experience I won't ever forget! But to have Tosk turn out really well despite all the hurdles makes him my favourite I think. In the audition I remember they were having me read him meaner than I saw him when I looked at the words. I was lucky, it is a very well written piece. I think I felt if he was too scary then the audience might not root for Tosk and thus, not root for O'Brien either. Much of the humour came out of Colm's great responses - it is inherent in the word play and the scenes. Structurally, I remember thinking it was such a solid episode from so many areas. Colm is a fine actor and I really liked working with him, and Corey was an active director taking an interest in actor's choices, and the script was excellent. In the end I was proud of how Tosk turned out - a good tragic hero, and likeable enough to root for. [1]

The writers considered bringing back Tosk and the Hunters. Ron Moore commented: "This comes up from time to time in our story meetings. We don't have anything on the board for Tosk or the Hunters at the moment, but you never know".

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