Tournel was a member of the Ba'ku observed by the Federation in the 2375. He was a friend of Sojef and one of the village leaders.

When Lieutenant Commander Data malfunctioned during the duck blind mission and took the Starfleet and Son'a crews hostage, Tournel attempted to repair Data's positronic matrix, but was unable to do so. He, along with Sojef and Artim, met with Anij and Captain Jean-Luc Picard to discuss the history of the Ba'ku people. Tournel informed Picard that despite the metaphasic radiation present in the planet's rings, Artim was actually twelve years old and would not be affected by the radiation until reaching maturity.

After the holoship was discovered and Picard decided to help the Ba'ku, Tournel climbed the bell tower, rang the bell, and shouted to his fellow villagers, "We're leaving the village!" In the caves, he was one of the main organizers, along with Anij, ensuring that the evacuation went smoothly.

During an attack from two Son'a shuttles, a cave-in threatened the lives of Artim, Anij and Picard. Data rescued Artim and left him in the care of Tournel, as the situation was too dangerous for the child to remain. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Tournel was played by actor Mark Deakins.

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