Tova'dok was a Klingon concept of which there was no English language equivalent; however it could be roughly translated as a "a moment of clarity between two warriors on a field of battle."

Worf experienced a moment of tova'dok with General Martok in Internment Camp 371 in 2373. Worf was forced to fight the Jem'Hadar in series of one-on-one bouts and, unable to see a means of escape, he eventually decided to allow the Jem'Hadar to kill him. In a moment of tova'dok, Martok saw what Worf was planning, which gave Worf reason to keep fighting. Worf described the incident as Martok giving him "his [Martok's] warrior's [heart]."

Several months later, Worf experienced another moment of tova'dok when he challenged Martok aboard the IKS Rotarran. Worf recognized that Martok had recovered his resolve and so deliberately dropped his guard, allowing Martok to win. (DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire")

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