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From trading tribbles to outwitting Orions…
Enter the world of high finance and low dealing in the Star Trek universe, and enjoy the freewheeling life of the independent trader.
This supplement to FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game enables players to buy private ships, obtain cargoes, and turn profits no man has turned before. In addition, players and gamemasters will learn the ins and outs of the Federation economy – from pricing goods to trading on the UFP stock exchange, and more.
The players' book, a copy of the 23rd century trade magazine Spacelanes, gives an inside look at the ways and means of merchant life.
The gamemaster's book provides details on generation trader characters, and all the necessary information for running trader adventures.
Start plying the space lanes today.

Trader Captains and Merchant Princes was a supplement for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game by FASA.

It described role play for traders and various rogues. It also gave information on some of the companies listed for the Federation stock exchange.

In addition the guide did have specifications on some merchant craft.


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