Traeg was the leader of a group of Coridanite rebels who kidnapped Jonathan Archer and T'Pol in 2151 while the two were en route to the capital city to meet with Chancellor Kalev.

Traeg told them that the government in power was supported by the Vulcans, and that his group did not recognize it. He did not know Archer's species, and believed that T'Pol was the captain of Enterprise NX-01. He beat Archer and when T'Pol tried to intervene he threatened to kill her. He hated the Vulcans. He did discover that their phase-pistols were weapons and as part of the ransom for the two, Traeg agreed to release them in exchange for phase weapons and technology from Enterprise that would aid the rebels. With the help of the Andorians, led by Shran, and the Vulcans Archer and T'Pol were rescued. T'Pol was wounded during the rescue when Traeg attempted to shoot Sopek. Traeg, in turn, was shot and killed by the Andorians. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem")

Traeg's name was from the script and never mentioned in dialogue. He was played by Jeff Kober.
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