The Traitor's Claw was a 23rd century Kzinti police vessel. It was officially recorded as stolen in 2269, but was in fact a privateer in service of the Kzinti government, in violation of the Treaty of Sirius.

On stardate 4187.3, Chuft-Captain and his crew lured the Starfleet shuttlecraft Copernicus to a small icebound world in the Beta Lyrae system, and took the shuttle's occupants prisoner aboard the Traitor's Claw. The Kzinti's goal was to regain control of a Slaver stasis box and the weapon it contained.

Traitors Claw damaged

Damage after explosion of the Slaver weapon

The Traitor's Claw was severely damaged and her crew killed when the weapon's self-destruct mechanism was activated in close proximity to the ship. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

According to D.C. Fontana, the pink coloration of the vessel was a result of director Hal Sutherland being color blind, and thus unable to discern it as anything but a shade of gray.[1]
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