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Transamerica Pyramid

In the San Francisco skyline, 2372

The Transamerica Pyramid was a late-20th century office skyscraper located at 600 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California, United States. The building was preserved to at least the late 24th century (prime universe) or the mid-23rd century (alternate reality). In the prime universe, an individual could see the western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from this building.

In 1986, the building was seen from the corner of Kearny Street and Columbus Avenue. When the HMS Bounty flew into the city, the building was seen on the ship's viewscreen. A day later, the building was seen again on the viewscreen as the ship left the city. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The building was seen from the office of Christopher Brynner, which seemed to be located fairly closely north of the building. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I")

By extension it would seem that it was also in the general region of the building that Dax, Sisko and Bashir beamed down.

The building was seen among the skyline in from the Bay Stadium, even from the podium. (ENT: "Home", "Affliction")

The building was seen from the Starfleet Academy campus in an alternate reality, in 2258. (Star Trek) In the next year, the Takayama flew past buildings that were near the Pyramid. Three days later, the crashing USS Vengeance stopped short of toppling this building into the streets of the city. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

The building was seen from Harry Kim and Libby's apartment, which seemed to be located west of the building. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")

In 2375, the Transamerica Pyramid was seen on a viewscreen display Benjamin Sisko and Martok viewed that showed the damage inflicted on San Francisco by the Breen during the Breen attack on Earth. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

In 2375, it was one of the buildings in San Francisco recreated by Species 8472 in Terrasphere 8 for training to infiltrate Earth. It was depicted on a graphic Seven of Nine brought up in astrometrics. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

The building was never expicitly mentioned or named in the franchise. However, as a recognizable part of the San Francisco skyline, it was used by the production crew for establishing that an episode or film was set in San Francisco. The building was named in the script for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. [1]
It is the setting for the climax of the alternate reality-set novel The Delta Anomaly.

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