Nyrian translocator

Nyrian Translocator

The translocator was a transporter-like device utilized by the Nyrians.

It had an extremely long range, over ten light years. It was believed that this great range limited its capacity, meaning that it could only transport one person at a time. However, if the target was close enough, it could transport multiple people, as evidenced by Dammar planning to use it to transfer his entire security force at once. Extremely advanced, this device could even transport through shields and even increasing the shield strength had no apparent effect against it.

The Nyrians employed the device to gradually replace the crew of a vessel. Initially they claimed to be surprised by their sudden relocation, but, when sufficient numbers of Nyrians were aboard, they would take over the vessel and remove the rest of the crew. The main control of the translocator was found on the Nyrian biosphere vessel and it was there that the removed crew were placed. The USS Voyager crew planned to disable the device after taking control of the ship in late 2373. (VOY: "Displaced")

Transporter sweep

Tau's translocator in use

The pirate Tau used translocator technology, which he stole. In 2374, he used the translocator to steal large quantities of technology from Voyager. To beam the mobile emitter, the main computer processor, a site-to-site transporter, the warp diagnostic assembly, five tricorders, three phaser rifles, photon torpedo casings, two antimatter injectors, and a supply of emergency rations, Tau had to transport the items from extreme close range and destabilized the shield perimeter of Voyager with weapons fire. The crew of Voyager was able to devise a means of blocking the translocator after the theft. (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

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