"You know, I think this is the first time we've ever spoken outside of the transporter room."
"Well, to be honest, I always avoided you."
"Because you run the transporters, and I hate the transporters.

The transporter chief (or transporter operator) was a crewmember stationed in one of the several transporter areas on a starship. On Starfleet vessels, this operator was usually a petty officer, ensign, or lieutenant in the operations division. Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien, a transporter chief on board the USS Enterprise, was often stationed in transporter room 3. (DS9: "Emissary")

In 2365, O'Brien teased Doctor Katherine Pulaski about the transporter, commenting, "I hope these are the right coordinates." When he explained that he was kidding and knew of her "love" of transporters, she replied, "About as much as I love comical transporter chiefs." (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

In 2371, with the plan to remain on the Val Jean until the last moment, Chakotay told Tom Paris to tell one of USS Voyager's "crackerjack Starfleet transporter chiefs" to maintain a transporter lock on him so he could be beamed out at the last second. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Later that year, Voyager, having lost its transporter chief in the events surrounding its stranding in the Delta Quadrant, required a replacement, which was ultimately found among the surviving members. (VOY: "Parallax")

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