A transporter scrambler (also called a transport scrambler or pattern scrambler) was a device designed to discourage transporter use in a certain area by interfering with the annular confinement beam, causing the transported object to rematerialize in a random pattern. Transport scramblers could be programmed to recognize particular signals and only interfere with enemy transporter systems.

During the Federation-Klingon War (2372-73), the Klingons used transport scramblers in ground battles to prevent the enemy from deploying troops effectively. (DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong")

The Cardassians routinely booby trapped their abandoned facilities, such as Empok Nor, with pattern scramblers rigged to activate if they detect a non-Cardassian transporter signal. Miles O'Brien remarked that these devices could be "messy". (DS9: "Empok Nor")

Soukara was protected by transporter scramblers, making transport to any area of the planet impossible. (DS9: "Change of Heart")

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