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Can Jake and Nog save the Allies in time?

Trapped in Time is a Pocket DS9 Young Adult novel – #12 in the series – written by Ted Pedersen. Published by Aladdin Paperbacks, it was first released in February 1998.

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From the book jacket
A blast to the past!
Jake Sisko is wondering where life will take him next… and the answer is the past!
Chief Miles O'Brien has promised to deliver a gift to a physicist, Professor Jonathan Vance. And Jake and Nog are allowed to accompany him to France. Vance shows them his "time machine," the first one ever to control time jumps with accuracy. When his assistant, Kruger, attacks him and steals the control device, Jake, Nog and O'Brien leap through the portal after him. They find themselves in Normandy, France, in 1944 during the middle of World War II. With Kruger joining the ranks of the Third Reich as a colonel, history is about to be changed forever. Can they stop Kruger from informing Hitler that a secret invasion will happen in Normandy?

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Jake and Nog are in Paris where they chase a Changeling back in time to the Resistance Movement in Normandy in the 1940s. Along the way, Jake meets a girl who turns out to be a distant ancestor of Picard's.

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"This is a critical time in the history of Earth. Had the war been won by the Germans, the future of your planet would be much more orderly".
"You Changelings love order don't you? Even at the price of individual freedom".
"Freedom. You Humans place too much emphasis on its value. When we brought order out of chaos in the Gamma Quadrant, through the Dominion, many lost their freedom, but they gained stability and prosperity in return".
"Under the yoke of your Jem'Hadar shock troops. The people of Earth aren't going to submit so easily. To you or the Nazis".

The Changeling impersonating a Nazi colonel discusses the stakes with O'Brien

Background information Edit

  • This is the final Deep Space Nine young adult novel.
  • Ted Pedersen commented: "At the time of the story the Changelings were on Earth. I thought what they might do to defeat us. Given access to time travel, where would they go to change our future? What better place than to prevent D-Day. Normandy on the eve of the allied invasion seemed perfect. So Jake and Nog have to stop them. An added bonus was that Picard's ancestors were in France at the time". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 696)
  • This story takes place immediately after the events of DS9: "Paradise Lost".
  • This is the first original novel based on Deep Space Nine to feature Jean-Luc Picard as a character. He would later appear in several Deep Space Nine relaunch series novels, including Avatar, Book One, Avatar, Book Two, Demons of Air and Darkness, and Unity.
  • The front cover of the novel depicts Paris during the Nazi occupation in spite of the fact that the 1944 segments of the story all take place in Normandy.

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French Resistance; Nazi; World War II

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