Trazko was a Bajoran male and an associate of Vaatrik Pallra.

In 2370, Pallra contracted Quark to retrieve a box containing a list of former Bajoran collaborators from her husband's former shop on the Promenade aboard Deep Space 9.

Upon acquiring the list, Quark attempted to copy the list in the box, but was shot and nearly killed by Trazko, who was sent to the station by Pallra to retrieve the list knowing Quark couldn't resist opening the box.

After learning that Quark survived the attack, Trazko returned to the station to finish the job of killing Quark, who was clinging on to life in the Infirmary.

Posing as a friend bringing Quark flowers, Trazko stabbed the deputy guarding the Ferengi, only to be attacked himself by Quark's shrieking brother, Rom. This attracted the attention of station security, and Odo appeared and arrested Trazko.

Following his arrest, Trazko was placed in a holding cell, which he would later share with Pallra. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

Trazko was played by actor Robert MacKenzie.
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