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Trek: The Unauthorized Behind-The-Scenes Story of The Next Generation


From the book jacket
From the publisher of The Trek Encyclopedia, Trek: The Lost Years, Trek: 25th Anniversary Celebration and Trek: The Next Generation comes the real story behind the popular syndicated television dramatic series the most import [sic] book ever written about The Next Generation.
  • The secret story behind the creation of The Next Generation
  • Exclusive look at The Next Generation you never saw
  • Preview of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Created for syndication, Star Trek: The Next Generation was free of some of the network restrictions of the earlier show, yet problems abounded in the form of staff conflicts. In the show's early seasons, Roddenberry refused to compromise his vision and, in forcing others to change theirs, became estranged from writers (and longtime friends) David Gerrold and Dorothy Fontana, and even had disputes with the Writer's [sic] Guild of America over the show.
The series thrived despite the conflicts. This book reveals the hidden history of the series, from its earliest days, when old Star Trek alumni such as William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy questioned the wisdom of creating a different Star Trek, to the show's present success.
Plus The Next Generation scripts we never saw, the many story ideas submitted before the show finally took shape, which demonstrate both early approaches to the characters and directions never taken.

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