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Trek: The Unauthorized Story of the Movies is a reference book written by James Van Hise and Hal Schuster that covers a plethora of background stories and information "from The Motion Picture to Generations."


From the book jacket
What made Star Trek a smash success on the big screen when it had failed on television?
What happened to the people who first gave Star Trek life?
Why did Leonard Nimoy want Spock to die – and then change his mind?
Why was Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry eased out as producer after Star Trek: The Motion Picture? And what made him angry about Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country?
What changes does Generations bring to the movie series? What secrets lie behind the relationships between the original cast and [the] this new generation of stars?
These and other secrets of the Star Trek movies wait in Trek: The Unauthorized Story of the Movies!

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