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The Trek Fan's Handbook


From the book jacket
All the fantastic merchandise!
The fan clubs and organizations!
A complete guide to fanzines!
And much, much more!
The Trek Fan's Handbook, written by the author of The Trek Crew Book, offers a complete guide for people who want to know more about Star Trek fandom. The text details the many products, fanclubs, fan publications and much more. Complete information on club activities and publication contents, plus addresses, membership information and other details. A special chapter prepared by the Star Trek Welcommittee is included.
The Trek Fan's Handbook allows the reader to become involved in the largest fan movement in the history of television.
From Book Catalog
Star Trek inspired its millions of loyal fans to put pen to paper, in order to discuss the various themes and issues being raised by the show's scripts, explore the characters in minute detail and ponder where both Star Trek and humanity are headed in the future. The Trek Fan's Handbook offers a guide on who to write to, what products are available, information on the various Star Trek fanclubs, addresses, membership information and details on the fanzines they publish.
The Trek Fan's Handbook allows the reader to tap into the basic backbone of what has allowed Star Trek to thrive over the past quarter century.

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