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Trek Navigator: The Ultimate Guide to the Entire Trek Saga is an unlicensed reference book containing short reviews of many Star Trek episodes.


The world's leading Treksperts give you the book you've been waiting for – a sharply opinionated episode-by-episode guide to the entire Star Trek saga.
In the galaxy of Star Trek books, there's nothing like Trek Navigator – a compendium of punchy reviews, in the style of movie reviewers Siskel and Ebert, critiquing every episode of every Star Trek show, in all of the series' incarnations, plus the complete movie series.
With this invaluable critical guide, you'll know which episodes are worth setting the VCR for – and when it's better to hit the fast-forward button. The authors provide a complete season-by-season breakdown of the entire saga, no-holds-barred critiques, a one-to-four phaser rating system, and a unique index that cross-lists episodes under dozens of fascinating categories, from "Boom!" (in which the ship is destroyed) and "Debating Team" (in which Kirk talks a computer to death) to "Bad Borg" (Borg episode) and "It's Elementary" (in which Data plays Sherlock Holmes).

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Background information

  • Trek Navigator contains reviews of every Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. The films up to and including Star Trek: First Contact are also included. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reviews cover the first four seasons (although a review of "Trials and Tribble-ations" is included, with both authors naming it as a classic) and Star Trek: Voyager up to season two, with "Basics, Part II" also included. DS9: "Facets" is the only episode to not have a review by both of the authors, with Altman admitting he had not watched it by the time of writing. He commented "but I'm sure its fine; it sounds cool".
  • Both Altman and Gross name the original Star Trek as the best series, although Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is their favorite spin-off. Gross rates it as a classic and Altman rates it as being great. In their introduction they comment "Deep Space Nine was the most daring and, by extension, the most provocative... while Deep Space Nine has continued to evolve, stumbling at times, it has produced some of the best Star Trek drama ever".
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