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The Trekker's Choice Awards were an online fan vote produced by Paramount Digital Entertainment and the Microsoft Network in September 1996, to mark the 30th anniversary. Voting for the Trekker's Choice Awards took place on Star Trek: Continuum on the MSN network. Almost 250,000 votes were cast.

The winners were announced preceding each commercial break of the Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond special.

Awards and Winners

Award Winner(s)
The 'Ingenious Engineering' Award Scotty for his efforts in "That Which Survives".
The 'Unresolved Romance' Award
(or 'Favourite Love Interest Who Had to Leave, Got Left Behind, Died, or Turned Out to Be a Villain')
Picard and Vash
The 'Fish Out of Water' Award Scotty for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home's encounter with a Macintosh.
The 'I Went to Medical School for This?' Award
for best I'm a doctor, not a...
Dr. McCoy for "...bricklayer." ("The Devil in the Dark")
The 'Music Hath Charms' Award Jean-Luc Picard for "Lessons".
Favorite Starship Design Award USS Enterprise-D, USS Defiant, USS Voyager
The 'Oft Heard but Never Seen' Award
for the favorite historical moment only alluded to in Star Trek
World War III
The 'Cute and Cuddly' Award
for the favorite Star Trek pet
Tribbles, Spot, Targ
The 'Gross Galactic Grub' Award gagh
The 'The One You Love To Hate' Award Q
The 'Infinite Diversity' Award
for the favorite non-humanoid alien
The 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation' Award Visiting Risa
The 'Get Out Your Hanky' Award Spock's death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The 'Great Bird of the Galaxy' Award
for the best representation of Star Trek value and ideals
"Let's see what's out there. Engage!" - Jean-Luc Picard in "Encounter at Farpoint".
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