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Trekkies poster

Trekkies poster

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Trekkies is a docu-comedy released in 1997 starring Denise Crosby. It features:

  • The story of the first Star Trek convention.
  • An interview with Barbara Adams, the selected Whitewater trial juror who received press attention for wearing her Starfleet uniform, complete with plastic phaser and tricorder, to the jury selection.
  • A profile of "Spiner Femme" Anne Murphy, and reaction from Brent Spiner.
  • A visit to Orlando, Florida's Starbase Dental, the Trek-themed office of dentist Denis Bourguignon.
  • Denise Crosby appears on the CRN talk-radio show "Trek Talk and Beyond", with hosts Joyce Mason and Evelyn DeBiase.
  • A visit with Brian Phelps and Mark Thompson, the hosts of "The Mark and Brian Show" on KLOS-FM, Los Angeles.
  • Interviews with Dr. Marc Okrand, the inventor of the Klingon language, and Glen Proechel, who runs a summer program for people to learn Klingon language and culture called "The Interstellar Language School".
  • A visit to Riverside, Iowa, "the future birthplace of James T. Kirk", and the town of Vulcan, Alberta.
  • The profile of Richard Kronfeld, who has built the Total Life Support Unit used by Captain Pike and was building the Nomad probe and the Romulan cloaking device from "The Enterprise Incident".
  • A Trek auction, and some odd collectibles like a 30th-anniversary Trek cookie jar.
  • SeaTrek, a Trek-themed cruise featuring Trek actors and staff.
  • Brannon Braga talks about some of the mail they receive, including one guy who has sent a package to "Star Trek" every day for the last ten years, and a Klingon sex manual.
The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway 2

The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway as seen in the film

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"Peter, this is the worst time you could have called! Go away! ... ok bye."

- Gabriel Koerner

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