"In the name of heaven,... where are we?!"
– Leonard McCoy's response to seeing the interior of Trelane's house, 2267 ("The Squire of Gothos")
Trelane's house (exterior)

Outside the front door of Trelane's house

Trelane's drawing room

The drawing room in Trelane's house

Trelane's house was a building on the planet Gothos where Trelane resided. It was a manor house based on architecture visible on Earth during that planet's 14th century. The interior was decorated with various artifacts, most of which were from that same era.

The outside walls of the building were made of stone. The exterior of the house had a large door which was wood with grey metallic highlights, and a short stone staircase leading up to the door from the ground level. The banister to the right was ornamented with two stone lions' faces, whereas the banister to the left had crumbled away where the equivalent lion faces would have been on the left-hand side. There were also two lions' faces on either side of the door, and a wall-mounted statue of a winged lion was on the right side of the doorway, holding a short flame torch. A longer fire torch was on the opposite side of the doorway.

In 2267, after Trelane transported USS Enterprise officers Kirk and Sulu into the house, a search team from the starship, including McCoy, Jaeger and DeSalle, entered the house, much to McCoy's shock. Inside, they discovered Kirk and Sulu standing completely still, as though they were waxworks figures. Kirk and his subordinate officers finally managed to escape from the house and return safely to the Enterprise. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

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Trelane's home isn't named on-screen; the name "Trelane's house" comes from the episode's scripts and the fact that, in the episode, Kirk asks Spock, "Could the machine that maintains the environment in this immediate area be kept in this house?" in reference to Trelane's residence.
Instead of the winged lion and the numerous lion faces, the house was scripted to be ornamented with the statues of two griffins.
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