The Trelka V Starbase was a Cardassian starbase located near the Cardassian-Federation border on the surface of the planet Trelka V.

During the Dominion War, the base was manned by a garrison of ten thousand troops. It was protected by deflector shields and multiple particle beam weapon emitters. By Captain Benjamin Sisko's estimate, a full-out assault on the Trelka V Starbase would have required half of the Ninth Fleet in order to destroy the base.

Raid of Trelka V Starbase

"Imagine... the chaos we'll cause, once we're in behind their lines!"

The Trelka V Starbase was the first target struck by General Martok's cavalry raid in 2375. For this mission, Martok took a small squadron consisting of five Birds-of-PreyIKS Ch'Tang, IKS Orantho, IKS Ning'tao, IKS Malpara, and IKS Slivin – on an intended series of small-scale hit-and-run strikes planned against Dominion and Cardassian Union targets in Cardassian space in an attempt to keep Dominion forces off-balance.

Upon reaching the target, Martok sent the Ning'tao and Malpara ahead of the squadron to perform a single strafing run on the base. The opening attack disabled two defense batteries and did moderate damage to the base's shields. After completing their attack, the two ships attempted to leave the star system. However, two Galor-class cruisers pursued, with one destroying the Malpara, killing all aboard. While they continued to pursue the Ning'tao, and with the base's damage control teams beginning repairs after having dropped their primary shield grid, Martok had the other ships hovered three hundred meters above the base, before decloaking and opening fire.

Although Martok intended for the squadron to perform only a single attack run, he and his first officer, Worf, were both temporarily incapacitated when the base's defenses returned fire on the Ch'Tang. Kor, who was serving as the Ch'Tang's third officer took command and ordered the fleet to attack again. During the second pass, the Klingon ships continued taking damage, with the Orantho's captain and first officer being killed. The aging Kor, believing himself to be with Kang attacking the Federation outpost at Caleb IV, refused to withdraw and instead ordered the crew to board the base, despite the station being guarded by ten thousand enemy troops. At this point, Worf regained consciousness, retook command, and ordered the fleet to retreat, with no further pursuit from the planet. (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach")

The sketch of the starbase

The Trelka V Starbase, which had familiar Cardassian design features, was designed by John Eaves. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (p. 623))
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