Tressa was a Drayan female born in 2276 on Drayan II.

In 2372, Tressa was one of five Drayan children sent to a Drayan moon to die. She was later one of the three children, along with Corin and Elani that Tuvok found on a moon after he crash landed. The children were afraid of being killed by a creature called the morrok and said the Drayans had sent them there to die. After the other two children disappeared, Tuvok tried to get Tressa off the moon. The Drayans forced him to land and pursued them, and Tuvok refused to let the Drayans take Tressa.

He was shocked when he found out that she was nearly a hundred years old, and that the life cycle of the Drayans were reversed; Tressa had been brought there to die a natural death. Tuvok stayed with her to comfort her in her final moments. Her only regret was leaving her family and she stated that Tuvok reminded her of her grandson. (VOY: "Innocence")

Tressa was played by Tiffany Taubman.
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