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Triangle is a Pocket TOS novel – #9 in the numbered series – written by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in March 1983, and is set during the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Kirk's soul... Spock's life
A dark plan has been unleashed in the galaxy, a design so vast, only a collective – and ruthless – mind like the Totality could have conceived it. Now Captain Kirk must battle the seductive force of the Totality's will. It was reasonable that Captain Kirk and Federation Free Agent Sola Than would fall in love. But no reasoning in the universe could have foreseen the tragedy of Spock's own passion for the same woman. Now this unimaginable conflict could cost Captain Kirk his very soul, and bring death to the proud Vulcan. But in the unimaginable lies their only chance, and the freedom of the galaxy depends on the outcome of the... Triangle.

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Background information Edit

Characters Edit

Canon characters Edit

James T. Kirk 
Leonard McCoy
Hikaru Sulu
Pavel Chekov
Christine Chapel
Heihachiro Nogura

Non-canon characters Edit

Sola Thane
A seven-foot Tanian with bifurcated head

References Edit

Marie Celeste Sector
Cephalus System
Mountains of Gol
New Humans
Philosophy of one
Zaran philosophy where everyone is of one same mind
Free Agent of the Federation
Special Starfleet secret agents that are free to act and only answer to Starfleet's Chief of Staff
Collective consciousness
Chief of staff
Starfleet Command
Federation Council
Class M
Olduvai Gorge
idiosyncratic memory code

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