Synthesized boxes of Tribbles cereal, in three varieties

For the species, please see tribble.

Tribbles was a type of breakfast cereal that was advertised in a commercial.

It was made from the meat of tribbles, which allowed the cereal to reproduce, making it impossible to reach the "bottom of the box" where a prize was located.

It was packed with eighteen essential vitamins and minerals, including the Edward macronutrient. It contained more Human DNA than any other leading brand. Different flavors were available, such as Original Flavor, Hairy Berry, and Spicy Ranch.

The commercial came with a written warning, stating that the aforementioned macronutrient had not yet been approved by the Federation Food and Drug Administration. It also drew consumers' attention to to the possibility that the fur could be a choking hazard.

It was further mentioned in writing that the Tribbles should be shaved with a tribble razor before eating. This Edward Brandrazor was available with the Edward Brand™ Tribble Cereal Super Salon playset (sold separately).

Another warning was that Edward Cereals LLC wasn't responsible if any tribbles survived in the digestive tract. It went on to state: "Chew thoroughly."

The mascot of the cereal was a cartoon tribble with a face that was riding on a skateboard and wearing a backward baseball cap. (ST: "The Trouble with Edward", credit cookie)

This cereal commercial was presented in a post-credit scene of the aforementioned Star Trek: Short Treks episode. The context of the commercial from the in-universe perspective is impossible to determine, and may not have been meant to be taken literally.
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