Triolic waves are the byproduct of an energy source used by very few humanoid species due to their deleterious effects on living tissue. Species with microcentrum cell membranes were immune to the effects of the waves.

One such species was the Devidians, who used triolic waves as an energy source. By subjecting the rock face of a cavern on their homeworld of Devidia II to selective molecular polarization, they were able to use triolic waves on the rock and use it to focus minute distortions in the spacetime continuum produced by an ophidian-like creature in their possession into a temporal vortex. Using this vortex, they traveled back in time from 2368 to Earth, the year 1893, where they harvested Human neural energy for sustenance. They performed a similar procedure in a cavern under the Presidio in San Francisco in the past, allowing them to travel back and forth through time at will. The Devidians were eventually foiled by the crew of the Enterprise-D, who destroyed the their habitat on Devidia II with a series of specially-modified photon torpedoes. (TNG: "Time's Arrow", "Time's Arrow, Part II")

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