A group of Troglytes capture Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

The Troglytes were the workers of the planet Ardana and were the lower social class of Ardanans; their primary purpose was mining zenite and tilling the soil. Their name came from an abbreviation of an ancient Earth term, troglodyte, translating as "cave dweller". Some Troglytes, known as retainers, served as sentinels and servants to the city-dwellers of Stratos. A rebel group of Troglytes, known as the Disrupters, led a dissident movement against the city-dwellers in their quest for equality.

The Troglytes had long unkempt hair and wore special shields that could be related to their harsh work environment in the mines. They lived on the planet's surface and prior to 2269, were inebriated due to the odorless zenite gas emanated in its raw form.

Although they were slow to believe the idea that a problem with the gas existed, they eventually agreed to take a supply of filter masks to counter it. With the problem solved, the Troglytes vowed to strive with even more vigor and effectiveness in securing their rights. (TOS: "The Cloud Minders")

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